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#1 – The Impossible Goal

The Impossible Goal

1 of 1 Auction Piece

On June 3, 1997, Roberto Carlos shocked the world with one of the most amazing free kicks in history. Now, 24 years to the day, this NFT commemorates this spectacular goal with Roberto’s words.

#2 – The Improbable Goal

The Improbable Goal

1 of 1 Auction Piece

One year on from his spectacular goal vs France, Roberto stunned the world again, this time for Real Madrid with an incredible goal vs Tenerife. “A lot of people don’t believe it was a shot. I had to go around the ball, to hit it straight on with the outside of my boot”

#3 – The Rocket

The Rocket

1 of 1 Auction Piece

Roberto stunned everyone again in 2002, this time in the World Cup for Brazil vs China. Roberto and Brazil went on to win the World Cup.

#4 – The Master

The Master

49 Editions

Roberto Carlos scored 49 free kicks during his astounding career.

#5 – Power


169 Editions

Roberto Carlos’ free kick speed has been clocked at 169km/h.

#6 – The International

The International

125 Editions

Roberto Carlos played 125 times for Brazil, winning the 2002 World Cup, Copa America 1997 + 1999, and Confederations Cup 1997.

#7 – Magic Left Boot

Magic Left Boot

593 Editions

Roberto Carlos made 593 professional club appearances throughout his career and 125 games. Roberto's international appearances for Brazil are represented by 125 diamonds on the Magic Boot.

#8 – Golden Career

Golden Career

Auction 1 of 1

Highlighting the career of a champion. The winner of this auction will be selected at random and win a Roberto Carlos signed shirt and boot.

#9 – The Champion

The Champion

Open Edition / The sale of this edition will end when the auction ends, 8am Friday 18th June (GMT)

125 International games. 593 club games. Three continents. 6 countries. 23 major trophies.

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